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14 Jun 2015
Customer satisfaction survey sample
A customer survey can assist you greatly improve your future customer's exposure to your products. But how can you set one up? What should or should not be in it?

Here's a few tips and ways to care for putting together a successful customer service survey:

Customer service survey
 Special Offer - To assist get your customers to react to your survey, let them have a special offer. Maybe it's a percentage or amount of money off of a future purchase, or it could be a drawing for a prize. Whichever path you choose, make the offer irresistible. Keep in mind that the feedback you receive will be invaluable for enhancing your business, and worth the costs of discounts and prizes.
 Privacy - Don't get a little obsessive with how much personal data you ask for inside a survey. People don't desire to give out too much for fear that they're going to be spammed, receive unsolicited mail, or be called by telemarketers. Get only a small amount information from them as possible.
 Thoroughness - Make sure your survey covers every factor of the customer experience. Greeting, Web Site, Product Satisfaction, etc.
 Comments - Have space for patrons to freely comment regarding experience. No matter how thorough you're, you should leave room for general comments.
 Convenience - However, you decide to conduct your survey, it must be convenient for your customer. An internet survey is probably the most convenient approach to offer one to your clients. You can pay for a survey service such as Constant Contact, or choose a free service for surveys.
 Be Specific - General Questions like "How could you rate your overall experience with XYZ Company?" are good, but you don't want too many questions like this. Enter into the nitty gritty of what your customer's experience is.
 Be Brave - You shouldn't be afraid to ask questions that make you feel uncomfortable because you're afraid of what the answer will be. Genuine feedback is what you want.

Retail Sample Questions - Below are a few sample questions to get you started if you're a retail store:

 How was your experience at our store?
 How inviting was the atmosphere of our store?
 Were you greeted whenever you entered our store?
 How good was the merchandise info that you received by our employees?
 How easy could it have been to find what you were looking for?
 Did you feel important whenever you came into our store?
 Were you happy with our product selection?

Website Sample Questions - Here are some sample questions to get you going if you have a website:

 How was your experience at our website?
 Were you greeted once you entered our store?
 How good were the product descriptions that you got on our website?
 How easy maybe it was to navigate our website to find what you were seeking?
 Was our checkout process simple to follow?
 Were the pictures of the products satisfactory?
 What advice would you give to help us do better in the future?
 How happy have you been with your products?
 Did your product arrive in a satisfactory timeframe?


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